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I’m Getting All Warm And Fuzzy!

try-not-to-feel-all-warm-and-fuzzy-inside-when-you_21from Wirecutter:

Bass Pro and Cabella’s combine

OMAHA, NEB. — Outdoor gear giants Bass Pro and Cabela’s will combine in a $4.5 billion deal announced Monday.

Bass Pro is paying Cabela’s shareholders $65.50 cash per share. The deal creates uncertainty about jobs in Cabela’s home state of Nebraska. The combined companies plan to keep some operations in Sidney and Lincoln, Nebraska, but it’s not immediately clear how many jobs might be lost.

Bass Pro CEO Johnny Morris says he hopes to continue growing the Cabela’s brand alongside his own Springfield, Missouri, based chain.

Capital One will take over running Cabela’s credit card unit as part of the deal. Activist investment firm Elliott Management began pushing for significant changes at Cabela’s last fall. Cabela’s employs about 2,000 people in the western Nebraska town of Sidney, which has about 7,000 residents.

Yeah, I don’t know about this merger’s effect on jobs, but there is a Cabela’s 40+ miles NW of me, and a Bass Pro maybe 7 miles NE of me.  If they both remain open, I vote to go to the NE location.  🙂

NOW, If I just had money…

(PS – word on the ‘Net is they are differently themed stores, and undoubtedly something will be lost in this merger.  As I’m pretty much a window-shopper only, it has little effect on me.  And I remember my first (and only) visit to Cabela’s.  And the handgun display proclaiming a model by LES BAUER! (it should have been Les Baer)  Not everyone is perfect.)


the G.O.B.s

Back-in-the-day, when I was gainfully employed and less disabled, I worked as a fraud investigator for (T)hat (M)ajor (C)redit (C)ard (C)ompany – aka TMCCC for short.  I also worked part time at a local firearms emporium for a couple years.

This usually consisted of a couple hours on a weekday afternoon (after TMCCC) and Saturdays, 10 – 5.  It was great fun, I learned a lot, and met many nice folks.  And a few @$$h013$ !

On Saturdays, a retired car-dealership owner from Colorado would come in, bearing day-old doughnuts, and his custom holster making skills.  (I have three!  A field holster and IWB holster for N Frame Smiths (Seriously) and an IWB for Browning High-Power!)  Later on, like Noon or 1 PM, the store manager would buy a few pizzas for the staff.

And the hangers-on.

No, not Goober!

No, not Goober!

The hangers-on were called ‘the GOBs’, which stood for good-old-boys.  These consisted of a couple retired cops, a preacher or two, some hunters, a retired fireman, teachers, a prosecutor, a prison psychiatrist, and a few out-of-work gun shop guys.  All of whom felt they could offer free advice to customers.

Which was sometimes incorrect and sometimes not welcomed!

But, we at the shop put up with them.  Why.  Because of the comradery they brought, their knowledge and friendship.

And because they were mostly armed and acted as defacto security guards for free.  Well, not free.  For donuts and pizza!

And, they were regular customers, sometimes buying outright, sometimes on layaway.

With my crummy car, I don’t get across town as much as I’d like, as a result I don’t get to see the GOBs as much as I’d like.

I miss them.

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…