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When Did THIS Become The Norm?

I don’t drive much, anymore.  Between having a beater car (when my roomie’s car isn’t available – thanks J.!), the cost of maintenance (which I can’t afford) and gas, and the whack-jobs on the road…

Speaking of whack-jobs! (See above)

I understand you don’t want to climb into the back seat of the car in front of you, both for safety reasons and just general courtesy.


Have so many been rear-ended they are paranoid?

It’s just an annoyance if there are only two cars stopped at an intersection.  But if there are 12 cars in three lanes, and 60% of them are ‘keeping their distance’ of more than a car length, it causes back-ups!  Sometimes back to the previous stop light!

And I’ve NEVER seen anyone getting a citation for being stopped too far back – if there even is such a thing?

Personally, I keep a safe distance, usually enough to see the license plate in front of me.  A reasonable distance.

This phenomena seems to have developed over the past ten years.

What happened to cause this?

Bueller?  Bueller?


Christensen’s Law

(courtesy of Dave the Genius Mechanic)

I loathe Chase Bank.  Actually, I loathe ALL BANKS!  Remember Christensen’s Law – Banks are NOT in business to serve you.  They are in business to make money. (See also the insurance company corollary).

I am SO HAPPY I am not a Chase Bank customer.  Examples:

  1.  Getting in-and-out of vehicles is a painful proposition for me.  But their drive thrus are not at a good angle for me to access.  So, I must go inside to the foyer ATM.  (Why am I going there, if I am not a customer?  My roommate is, and it’s just simpler for me to visit my Credit Union, obtain cash, and go to her bank to make a deposit into her account.  She doesn’t want a check.)  Half the time when I do this, the indoor ATM is out-of-service.  They suggest the drive thru – which is difficult for me to access.  I went up to the inside counter and was told as I was not a customer, I could not make a deposit – WITH CASH!  X-(
  2. Another time the indoor ATM was out-of-service.  I asked if they could take my deposit (a postal money order) inside.  I was told they could – If I were on the account!  Otherwise NO – try the drive-thru ATM!  X-(
  3. I went the other day to make the foyer ATM deposit.  It worked swimmingly!  It even took all the cash w/o rejecting any bills! (usually it rejects three or four)  THEN, no receipt was issued, and the machine read OUT-OF-SERVICE!  I went inside, and the one clerk said he would be just a minute – he was working the drive thru ATM transactions!  Maybe five minutes later he got to me.  I explained my predicament.  The ATM had taken my money, issued no receipt, did not return the money, then went out-of-service!  He referred me to a more senior teller, a woman.  She listened to my tale of woe, and said she would get back to me.  Then she left!  At length, she returned, and told me the funds were in her account, and not to worry.  But, she could not issue me a receipt, as I was not a customer! (Even though the ATM regularly does!)  She offered me her business card, if my roomie had any questions!  I responded something more needed to be done!  OR I WAS CALLING THE POLICE TO REPORT A ROBBERY!  Eventually, we agreed she could write on her business card the amount of the funds had been deposited – and sign it!

Poor customer service, rudeness, failure to accommodate a disabled person, I could to on…

They suggested my roomie add me to her account.  That might solve some of the issues, but in no way do I wish to be affiliated with this particular banking institution!

NOW, as to my Credit Union!  I almost closed my account there, after over twenty years, because they proudly announced a few years back they would gladly accept illegal aliens as customers!  (Yeah, nothing like furthering criminal activity and money laundering for a profit!)  GRRR!

Werd Play

I like speaking and writing correctly.  Sometimes, I even succeed at so doing.  🙂

Perhaps a better title for this post would be Word Pet Peeves.


I loathe the use of this instead of the correct word, REGARDLESS.  Sadly, the O.E.D. (Oxford English Dictionary) has added this variant as a real word, because it is in common use.


My guess is people were trying to pronounce SUPPOSEDLY, and stumbled.  Or mis-heard.  Then adopted it as correct.  It’s not.


I used to work with an investigator.  An educated man, I can only surmise he mis-heard VERBATIM, and ran with it.

(One from my roommate)  FORTE

When one is good at something.  You may notice an accent is missing.  It is NOT FORTE’ !  And is pronounced fortAgain, something done wrong in common usage.  Look it up.  I had to.

And don’t get me started on mis-heard song lyrics!  I blame overly loud speakers, concert noise and the tinny AM radios of my youth.  Any suggestion that over indulgence in alcohol or other chemicals does not apply – to me, anyway!  😛

There have been books written about them.

Doughnuts make my brown eyes blue

There’s a bathroom on the right.

Hold me closer Tony Danza

‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy.

I’m certain you can add to the list(?)

h/t Tomi


Customer Service, Part Cinco

(Here we are, revisiting a common theme in this blog.  It’s as if they are not listening!)

I was fully prepared (okay, 85% prepared) to post last night for today, as this morning I was to be occupied during my blogging time-frame.  Another medical procedure.  Sigh.

Another endoscopy.  A camera-down-the-throat (and biopsy) to see the ‘progress’ of my esophageal erosion due to chronic acid reflux.  Which might lead to cancer and/or surgery.

Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be doing it!

This was set-up by my primary physician, as she saw I was suffering from this condition, and wanted to see the progression of the disease.

SO…I was referred to a specialist who saw me six weeks ago, and scheduled this procedure.  One day, outpatient, a few hours.  Roomie J will be driving, as I will be rendered unconscious by propofol (the Michael Jackson drug) for the procedure.

Last time I had this done, the clinic-de-jour called me (and sent me a letter) a month in advance to ask me questions about medical power-of-attorney, organ donation, that kind of icky stuff.  And advised me there would be an intake charge.  Up front.

I was grateful for the heads-up, as being on disability I don’t have lot’s of spare cash lying around for unexpected expenses.  I still wasn’t thrilled at the charge, of course.

But this time, the different facility (I changed doctors as the previous guy seemed to want to get as much Medicare money out of me as possible) had not called or sent a letter.  I assumed (NEVER do that – D. Brown) that if there were a charge, they would bill me.


They called me yesterday afternoon at 1630 hours (I was to be at the hospital at 0700 this morning) and advised me there would be a charge of over one hundred dollars!  They would not bill me, and if I didn’t have the funds, I would have to reschedule!

Of course, I don’t have the money.  And the caller had NO IDEA why I was upset, that this was in the very least an inconvenience and poor customer service!

THEN, she hung-up on me!

But not before telling me to reschedule I had to call my specialist’s office – THEY couldn’t do that!  At 1630 in the afternoon.

(I did rant, but used no foul language.)

Fortunately, my doctor’s office was still open.

SO…it’s been rescheduled for August 16.


PS – While I was writing this, the hospital called to see where I was.  I advised them of yesterday’s conversation and the rescheduling.  Must I do everything?

Customer Service

Is it out there, anymore?

I remember my Father ranting about the dearth of customer service when I was a teenager – and that was in the 60’s.

Back then a guy in a uniform (or at least a uniform shirt) filled your tank, checked your oil, and cleaned your windshield.  And no tip was asked or expected.  Now, IF there’s a monitor/cashier at the self-service gas station behind the bulletproof glass, it’s an effort to get them to look up from their graphic novel to take your card for purchase.

And waiters/waitresses?  One would think when they are first being trained, they would be instructed that the more courteous and efficient they are, the better tip they will receive.  But most these days are barely capable in getting your food to you at all.  Need extra napkins or a refill on that beverage?  Good luck with that.

And getting the order correct in the first place?  Fuggedaboutit!

Retail stores?  Just try to find someone who has any idea where stock might be, or even be able to direct you to it.

Call centers?  Pshaw.

And we who chat regarding firearms on the Internet are familiar with H & K’s (in)famous lack of customer service.

One word.  OBAMACARE.  And government services in general.

And, while I’m on the subject – do any of these aforementioned folks speak American English?  This assumes I don’t have to migrate through a computer-generated menu prompt resembling a RPG in Urdu to get to a human.


We now return you to your post-holiday festivities.

Not Exactly Andy Rooney…

not THIS guy

not THIS guy

But kind of…

There’s a lot to love about America and its people: their pioneering spirit, their entrepreneurship, their ability to think outside the box, their passion for the arts, etc.  Increasingly, however, as time goes by, I find the things I don’t like about living in a nation that has long since ceased to be a sanctuary for freedom are beginning to outnumber the things I love.

Here’s what I don’t like about living in the American police state: I don’t like being treated as if my only value to the government is as a source of labor and funds. I don’t like being viewed as a consumer and bits of data. I don’t like being spied on and treated as if I have no right to privacy, especially in my own home.

I don’t like government officials who lobby for my vote only to ignore me once elected. I don’t like having representatives incapable of and unwilling to represent me. I don’t like taxation without representation.  (THIS is the statement that wins the Internets! – Guffaw)

Brock Townsend

h/t Free North Carolina

Meanwhile, In Detroit…

ATT000192 ATT000254 ATT000409

And, not to be outdone, in Chicago…

prom-theme-300x243h/t Gloria, Matt Drudge

Behind the Curve

I am one lucky S.O.B. 

Not only do I have friends and family who have supported me – physically, emotionally and spiritually throughout my life (even when I was undeserving of such support) but since I began blogging in March 2011, I’ve a whole new crop of friends on the Internet who have done the same.  Thank you.

And even persons whom I admire and respect have, on occasion, visited Guffaw in AZ.  And made nice comments.  As I said at the inception of the blog, I expected no one to read it.  I still am pleased and surprised daily that someone would bother.


AND, I get email.  Not an overwhelming amount, but some.  Very few comments and emails from spammers (knock-on-wood).

But, some folks apparently don’t stop by the blog often enough to see what has been addressed.  I certainly don’t wish to turn anyone off or offend anyone, but sending me stuff for possible inclusion in my blog – when I’ve already written about it multiple times – wastes both our times.  Sorry.

It’s similar to the email that you know from the heading contains a joke, but the joke it turns out is from one, two, three, or 50 years ago.  A joke my father told me.

One of my correspondents insisted she knew so much more from the ‘Net than I.  Until I told her I was disabled and spent hours daily on the computer.  Reviewing links for news, humor, and over 100 blogs.  Daily.  While she has cut back, she still sends me cartoons from last year.  Sigh.

I am still very lucky that someone would bother to send me stuff.  But, please look before you leap.

A Pet Peeve

I won a number of spelling bees in school.  Being an avid reader, I was usually able to remember the correct spelling of words I’d read, and parrot them back.

Then Al Gore DARPA invented the Internet and other folks invented the personal computer and mouse, and we were off to the races!

Including, in the earliest permutations a Spelling Check function.

It’s only become more user-friendly and accessible over the years.  Some people cannot spell or type very well.


Being disabled, I spend time each day putting together blog content and reading other’s blogs.  And I’m consistently appalled with the typos and spelling errors I come across.  Come on, people, pay attention!

I’m not speaking of deliberate misspellings, as with politician’s names (Obummer, Rumney) but errata that should be caught immediately via spell-check, or on a quick first draft read.

guage, shott, sheild, demmocrats, burgler, riffle, sherrif

There are numerous others.

I’ve a number of well-meaning blog readers who alert me to any spelling or grammar errors I miss.  For this I am grateful.

For you others, take a moment and please check your work.


While out running an errand this morning, I saw another driver.  Smoking.  Well, he actually wasn’t smoking.  He had a lit cigarette in his left hand, and had it dangling out the driver’s door window.  I was in the car adjacent to him at the light, and I could smell the smoke.  I watched, and when the light changed, he drove off, never ever taking a drag.  WTF?  Is he a smoker or not?  Was it just a prop or a talisman?

I don’t smoke.  I flirted with cigars and pipes in my youth, in an effort to look older and cool, but didn’t pick up the habit.  As a result, I just look older.  My real mother died when I was in grade school, of emphysema, contracted as a direct result of her smoking.  I don’t blame smoking, I blame an addictive personality.

This doesn’t mean I like smoking.  I don’t like the smell of smoke around me.  But I also abhor the anti-smoking zealots who simply can’t stand to be around it – and who treat smokers (users of an entirely legal substance) as if they are pedophilic lepers.

The common societal meme is smoking kills.  The American Cancer Society and other groups have successfully placed this thought into the American psyche.  Turns out, all factors added in, only about 20% of smokers contract lethal illness as a direct result of their addiction.  While not a positive statistic, it’s not the you smoke your gonna die! meme.

The same can be said for the whole second-hand smoke thing.  Turns out, many of the same political forces responsible for establishing this as settled science are the same folks who want to impose their thoughts about greenhouse gasses and socialism upon the Republic.  I’m not providing links – do your own research.

I’m about Freedom.  And I can handle a little sniff of tobacco if it really isn’t affecting my health.  Being locked in a small office opposite a chain smoker is one thing; sniffing a bit of smoke outside at an intersection quite another.

And, while I’m ranting – what IS it about many smokers who somehow think that it’s okay to fling a burning stub of paper, tobacco and filter on the ground willy-nilly?  I’ll bet if I walked or drove around striking matches and throwing them away I’d attract the attention of the authorities!

I’m not pro-smoking.  I’m not anti-smoking.  I’m pro-freedom.

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…