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Gov’t Just CAN’T Leave Well Enough Alone!

As recently posted by the lovely and talented Tamara

The .gov giveth and the .gov taketh away…

So, with the brewing industry having finally (mostly) bounced back from Prohibition, and small craft breweries having sprung up all over, you just knew there was some way the feds could screw up a good thing, didn’t you?

Small breweries will have to spend hundreds of dollars per beer to analyze the nutritional value of each type sold.

“A good analysis [will cost] probably somewhere between the $500-$1,000 range of what I’ve seen. Then multiply it across the styles that you have,” said Lawinski.

And at a thousand dollars a pop, that could keep unique and seasonal brews from making it to your favorite watering hole.

I’m thinking the BATFE is seeing the handwriting on the wall, and we’ll see a sharp upturn in revenooers chasing moonshiners as well!  After all, Eliot Ness & Co. wants to keep their jobs!

Yep.  Government.

It continues to be all about control…

Leather Dreams

So, I’m working in a large Costco-style store, just to the right of the main door, where people usually walk by to the 55 gallon drums of Cheetos, SELLING HOLSTERS!

And they are displayed much like at the big gun shows, on heavy vertical frames consisting of black wire rectangles.  And, not being used to standing on my feet any longer, I’m taking a break, on the nearby park bench (?) within earshot of the holster sales area.

And two of my co-workers are alleged to be covering for me.

A customer appears, resembling one of the Orange Gunsite instructors I know, a retired AZDPS guy.  He’s looking at the holsters, in particular a soft tan chamois number, with multiple belt snaps, including one right in the middle of the top(?)

It’s made by Bianchi (say BEE-YANKEE) and resembles a rough-out leather 5-cigar case with snaps and straps at one end.  I’ve no idea what model of pistol it is for.

And my relievers are no where to be found – and I’m tired and in pain.

But, duty calls, and I go to the customer just before he leaves, miffed.

And he explains he usually just cuts off the weird center strap, for no particular reason.


I swear, I only had ONE 12 year old single-malt Scotch last night!  (with, of course, two squares of dark chocolate) !  What’s up with this dream?

FTC – this was just a dream.  Neither Costco or Bianchi gave me anything!  And I bought the Scotch and chocolate myself – with help from a friend!)

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…