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Man Barricades Himself In Own Home

Nothing happens, no one cares! (G. Carlin)  🙂

Reportedly, a man died, and wasn’t discovered for several days.  Upon inventorying his belongings, authorities discovered 1200 firearms!

Sacre’ Bleu!

Here’s the story, as reported in the L.A. Times.

And here’s the money quote…

“We don’t think the weapons are illegal. We are taking them for public safety,” said Sgt. David Craig of the LAPD’s gang and narcotics division. He said investigators removed the weapons to ensure the ammunition and guns wouldn’t be stolen from the home.

So the guy had a bunch of firearms – SO WHAT?  Then he died of cancer.

This is what Say Uncle said…

The real story is the press correctly identifies an arsenal

Sorry Unc., I prefer a ‘collection’.

It’s less pejorative.

Brady Working With The Government? Naw.

A Brady Campaign ‘Gun Owner Data Base’?

It’s been noted that the individual involved in suing various online retailers over the Colorado movie theatre shooting and who now owes $220K is a Brady employee (6 months after the event). Something interesting was noted on his Linkedin Profile:


Brady Campaign & Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Manager Organizing Department Brady Campaign

Brady Campaign & Center to Prevent Gun Violence

January 2013 – Present (2 years 4 months)San Antonio, Texas Area

* worked in the organizing department doing outreach to victim/survivors of gun violence* Led the department in adding names of gun owners to data base
* Worked closely with communications department to connect with national media to do television
interviews related to gun violence.
* Lobbied national and state congressional legislators to pass reasonable restrictions on gun
*Designed and implemented training programs on gun basics and how to engage gun owners for
Brady chapters.
*Did inspirational talks to grass roots volunteers in Washington state in their efforts to pass
legislation for background checks on all gun sales.
*Spoke at fund raising events.

Led the department in adding names of gun owners to data base?  What?  So what exactly is this Brady ‘Data Base’ that they’re adding names to?  Why are they creating it? What is its purpose?

Inquiring minds want to know.

They aren’t the only ones.  Could The Brady Bunch (and their fellow travelers) be conspiring to circumvent federal law by obtaining data which they then share with the federal government?
NAW.  Not possible.

h/t Days of our Trailers

Truth IS Stranger Than Fiction

And certainly more disturbing!

Long-time readers of my blog may recall my mentioning the television show Chicago PD, wherein the fictional detectives of the CPD Intelligence Squad sometimes sequester persons they have arrested detained kidnapped and subject them to torture to obtain information to convict them, and/or locate other crimes/criminals.

Certainly not in accordance with current civilian criminal law procedures.  Do we remember Escobedo?  Miranda?

I pooh-poohed the program, another in the long list of shows from the Law & Order producers, as highly fictionalized.


Then comes this news…

Yesterday (March 1, 2015), ABC7 Chicago released a fact sheet from the Chicago Police Department on the Homan Square facility. There have been recent claims that the police department is operating a “secretive facility in Homan Square on Chicago’s West Side where criminal suspects are denied basic rights.” The Chicago Police Department is denying any alleged abuse of suspects, saying the lack of signage on the building is because Homan Square is the “base of operations for officers working undercover assignments.”Source:
REALLY?  Our own little Lubyanka Prison in America’s Heartland?
Of course, I’m certain everything is on the up-and-up with this facility, and that there are no other such places in New York or Los Angeles.  Or Middle America U.S.A. (sarcasm)
Let’s see.  We have ‘Star Chamber’ courts (FISA courts).  Persons can be detained without knowing where they are, or access to legal counsel, and subjected to extra-legal interrogation techniques.  Apparently now at both the federal and state levels.  We can be molested while traveling to determine if we are impaired, or our citizenship status, or if we possess any kind of weapon. (Department of Homeland Security, Border Patrol).
And now THIS!
h/t Glenn Beck

Law Enforcement ‘Desperately’ Trying To Hide Use of Surveillance Cell Towers

Law enforcement organizations around the country are desperate to keep the public unaware of the use of Stingrays, a surveillance technology that secretly monitors cell phones, even as courts and lawmakers are starting to fight back.

verbatim from Sipsey Street Irregulars

Now go see the previous post regarding the Olmstead case.

Then, go back to your sub-basement and to wearing your tin foil hat!


Red Light – Green Light

red lightRemember that game growing up?

John Lott gives us yet another perspective:

From the Wall Street Journal:

The Chicago Tribune delivered the “first-ever scientific study” of the nation’s biggest camera program. Researchers commissioned by the paper found little or no safety benefit: Mid-intersection “T-bones” declined, but rear-end collisions sharply increased as drivers slammed on the brakes to avoid a ticket. Most damning, the Trib cited the city’s “long-standing reliance on using the lowest possible yellow light time” to maximize revenues even at the cost of encouraging more accidents. . . .

Apparently, the message is getting out as the company that have made these cameras are slowly exiting the business.

With Redflex losing money in North America, its Australian parent company recently instructed him to “de-risk the business” by diversifying into electronic toll-taking and traffic management. Nonetheless Mr. Saunders remains keen to rescue the reputation of photo enforcement, even if that seems like a Hail Mary at this point. . . .

My ex lived in Philly for about 10 years, and they had a government contractor maintaining the traffic signals so poorly that both turned green.  And her new car was totaled.

And there was no one to answer for it from the government works.

Yes, my friends, government works for the common good!

NO…stop a minute!


“What’s YOUR Sign? I’m NOT A Taurus!”

The Taurus Curve

taurus_curve_22Both Jennifer and Caleb trounce this newcomer .380 as poorly-thought-out and inherently unsafe.  She is striker-fired, and designed (recommended by the factory!) to be carried in the pocket sans holster!

Can we say an accident waiting to happen?  Sure we can!

Not to mention (but, going ahead and mentioning it, anyway) WHAT ABOUT WE LEFT-HANDERS?!

I suggest, if their going to do such a thing, it should be at least in a larger caliber (9mm?  .45 ACP?) AND have a graphene frame, so it can curve either direction!!!

For the record, I was never a big fan of Taurus, although they used to have a no-nonsense replacement factory warranty(?)  Might still.  Never owned one.  And, I’m a Sagittarian.  🙂

Boiling Mad

Woman, 83, thwarts would-be robber with pot of boiling water

An 83-year-old Houston woman has foiled a would-be robber by tossing a pot of boiling water on him.

McClendon, who’s lived in her home more than 50 years, tells Houston television station KTRK she wasn’t going to surrender. She fought off the intruder by grabbing a stick and tried to hit him.

And when that failed to dissuade the goblin, she grabbed a pot of boiling water off the stove and dumped it on him.

[Pauses for cheering to subside]

A gun is not a magic talisman. It is simply the most efficient tool with which one can defend one’s self from outside aggression.

h/t Jay G.

AMEN, Jay!  Preparedness is largely mindset.  Prepare to be a victim, become one.

Now watch, some I-love-government-control fool will propose regulating quantities of water above a certain temperature in households.  Or at the very least suggest persons of a certain age not boil water because they are old, feeble and undoubtedly a danger to themselves.

And others.

Airsoftly, As I Leave You…

I’m not big into firearm toy replicas.  Mainly, because, I like the real things.  Sadly, I can no longer afford them, nor toys.


The roomie and I signed up for GEARHOG, an outdoorsy equipment site that emails us daily with discounted offers of rifle cases, fishing rods, knives, all manner of goodies!  Usually offered at a specially discounted price for a limited time.  Usually, I gloss over these sporting goods items, because, as I said, I’ve no money.

Then, one morning I saw THIS:

Airsoft SIG Sauer GSR 1911, spring-operated

Airsoft SIG Sauer GSR 1911, spring-operated

And the description stated ‘suggested value $25.00, our price $9.99’!!

TEN BUCKS!  You can barely get a hamburger (made with real hamburger) and fries for that money!  So, I checked my bank balance and said what the hell.  Amazon has ’em @ $25.00!

I go downstairs to breakfast and meet my roomie there, and I told her of my purchase.  And she had ordered one, too!

Then (dammit) she got her’s first! 😦 .  Two days ahead of mine! Damn UPS guys!

I made up an ersatz bullet trap and went for it.  Corrugated cardboard box/sheet of printer paper.  She came with 100 bright yellow .12g plastic pellets and TWO magazines (which hold 12!)  Single action – must actuate the slide each round to cock the spring.  The hammer safety works, too.  Just like a 1911!

328 FPS!   Or so the package states.

At least the errant pellets are somewhat easy to find, being yellow, and all!  I’m missing three.  It actually works well enough for real trigger control practice indoors!

Now I gotta by more pellets.  😦

FTC – I bought the damn thing.  GEARHOG gives me nothing.

Mannix II

I’ve not been a credit card fraud investigator since January 2009.  And I’ve not been licensed private investigator since September 1986.

Much of what I used to do was classic, old-school.  A 35mm camera with a motor drive and a telephoto lens.  Driving from government building to government building.  Paying for hard copies of reports, photos, assessor and court records.  And what was provided wasn’t always clear.

Now, much of this information is made available online.  Usually for a fee.  The problem with the new found technology is many times one doesn’t know how old it is.  Or how valid it is.  Has the information been updated, but that information isn’t reflected in the database?

Sometimes, you need to go to the place.  And stand in line.  And pay a fee.

However, modern technology is amazing.

After jumping through a few free hoops on line, I can now (as if I’m going to these places, anymore) utilize my Smartphone, scan the document (plat book, fiche reader, computer screen or take a picture) sharpen the image for clarity sake, save it on my phone, AND transmit it wirelessly to my home printer for hard copy purposes.


SURE, they develop this AFTER I retire…

Where was this technology when I was wearing out tires and shoes?  And paying fees?

The PI Directory

When I first became a PI, I began to make note of certain reference materials I often used.  For example, telephone numbers for the County Assessor.  Of course, this was way before cellular telephones, personal computers and the Internet.  Much information was gleaned by telephone and the judicious application of well-worn shoe leather.
So, I kept a list of telephone numbers, addresses, and other reference material.
I went from Thin Man & Associates to Eric K****ac to P**M** to Tom Ezell.  And eventually formed my own firm, Camelback Investigations.
And the list grew.  I converted it to a Rolodex.  Remember those?
Eventually, my reference directory turned into a three-ring binder with pages in plastic sleeves.  And the directory saved me much time.
I still have it.  Paging through it is interesting.
First we have the Motor Vehicle statutes by code, as reflected in Driver License records.  Also on this page is an extract of the information available from the Assessor and the Superior Court.
The next page has the internal Motor Vehicle codes – if a driver has had a license suspended, for example.
And how many points are assessed per violation.
Then is the Ma Bell CNA telephone numbers list.  (I don’t remember where I acquired this!  In fact, I don’t have it, anymore.  You didn’t see this here!   :-P)  These are the telephone numbers used by telco employees to determine a name and address that goes with a specific telephone number.  Even if the number is non-published.  One just has to know how to ask.  And now there are a bunch of Baby Bells.  Of course, this information is 27 years old, now.  I suspect it’s all done via smartphone or laptop, now.  Damn monopoly break-up and technology!  It’s probably all phony, anyway.  It’s gone.  I never even saw it!
But wait, there’s more!

  • California DMV account info – for CA DMV records by mail
  • Traffic accident tables – determining speed from skidmarks
  • A list of stores addresses and telephone number of Valley stores dealing in maps.  All kinds of maps.
  • Consumer credit laws, CBO by telephone info
  • Time Zones and Area Codes (obviously has changed)
  • a list of which city directories are in the public library, and the reference desk telephone number
  • Arizona license plate configurations (also has changed)
  • a table of uniformed services comparative ranks
  • aircraft title search and private pilot license information
  • State PI regs
  • State process service regs
  • Az. Revised Statutes lists of offenses by seriousness
  • list of police agencies with terminal capabilities (NCIC/ACIC)
  • DMV public record access rules  (certainly had tightened up)
  • exemplars of sample reports for locations and asset searches, surveillance reports, crime reports, accident reports, witness statements
  • lists of attorneys, clients, potential clients
  • telephone numbers for all State and County Offices in Arizona
  • listing of SS number by State issued
  • confidential contact numbers
  • police radio codes.

Of course 99% of this information is now available over the Internet, or has been severely restricted by law since I was using the book. AND, I never was able to get my cash deposit back from California DMV when I quit being a PI!  Bastards!

"Round up the usual suspects."

In Loving Memory…